Controversial Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto was seen maxing out a Denver Broncos jersey during a press conference about his city’s budget today.  Although Ford did not address the reason for wearing the jersey during the press conference, it did have the number 74, which belongs to offensive tackle Orlando Franklin, who was raised in Toronto.

Rob Ford was the subject of intense scrutiny from the media and Saturday Night Live in 2013 after the Toronto City Council (which includes his brother, Doug) stripped him of most mayoral powers following his admission of drunk driving and smoking crack.

This is not the first time that Ford has made his affinity for the NFL known.  Shortly after Ford made international headlines last year, he took to the podium wearing a multi-team logo tie that was probably fifteen years old, judging from the prominent mark of the Houston Oilers, a team that last took the field in 1998.

In addition to the Toronto ties, Ford and Franklin also both tip the scales at 300+ pounds.