Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A lady walks into a legislature, elected by a very narrow margin, but she says damn them to hell and starts legislating like she’s the reincarnate of Jimmy Carter (wait, Carter’s still alive!).  Needless to say, this makes her constituents absolutely furious, and they decide she has to go!  Well the lady is still so enthralled by her self-righteous crusade to save the people from themselves that instead of listening to their wishes (probably figured, “hell, I haven’t done it the whole time I’ve been here, why should I start now?”) she elects to make back-door deals to wring as much political power out of her position before she’s deposed, resulting in her circumventing the democratic process allowing her fellow cronies to stay in power.

Ready for the punch line?  Her county party thinks this abuse of power is such an awesome thing they go ahead and make her their member of the year!

This joke of a process is something you’d expect from one-party ruled, tyrannical dictatorship like the old USSR where maintaining power takes precedent over representing your constituents, but nope that’s the story of Evie Hudak.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 Jefferson County Democrats!

Now, granted, we have to give them credit for stepping up this year, but anytime you try to follow up awarding the top Democrat in your area to a lady found guilty of robbing the elderly, frankly, you can’t get much lower.

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t the epitome of arrogance.

When Hudak resigned, there were some who viewed it as a sign that Democrats had overreached last year.  A Democratic Senator even called on her colleagues to move to the middle after three stinging recall rebukes. (Of course, Hudak blamed the whole thing on sexism, a tactic similar to Giron, who blamed her recall on racism.  Why can’t these legislators take responsibility for their bad legislating?)

So did the Democrats learn their lesson?  Not even by a long shot.  Look at what has happened in the Hudak seat in the aftermath of her quitting.  First the Democrats appointed Hudak’s staffer to fill her seat, who says she supports the very laws that got her former boss booted.  And then in the ultimate act of arrogance, Democrats have now taken to lionizing Hudak as The Denver Post tells it:

Former Sen. Evie Hudak, who resigned her seat rather than let Republicans have a chance of winning the majority, received the Jefferson County Democrat of the Year award Sunday.

…“I was happy to be with the JeffCo Dems to honor Evie Hudak for her tireless public service,” said Sen. Pat Steadman, D-Denver. “

Some people just don’t listen.  If Evie Hudak is the Democrat of the year, the Democratic Party in Jefferson County should be embarrassed.

Don’t look now, Colorado, but Jefferson County Democrats are laughing their a$$es off as the joke’s on the rest of us.