Liberal Governor John Hickenlooper and Senator Mark Udall didn’t seem to have a problem when Obamacare artificially raised the health insurance premiums of younger people by placing a three-to-one healthcare premium cap on what insurance companies could charge the elderly versus the young(ish).  This is despite the elderly using $7 in healthcare services for each $1 young adults use.

Yet, all of Colorado is divided into different healthcare zones, with rural and mountain-area Coloradans having to pay a higher price for their insurance since it is more costly.  When it was proposed that all of Colorado be in one health care zone, this is what Hickenlooper’s top health adviser, Katherine Blair, told Katie Kerwin McCrimmon of Health News Colorado:

“If we just did one statewide rating area and got rid of all the regions, it would drive some people’s health costs up about 40 to 50 percent,” Blair said during a health forum on Tuesday. “We all pay different rates because our costs are different.” [the Peak emphasis]

Shocking!  You don’t say!  We pay different rates because our costs are different???

Yet, if Obamacare is based off one thing it’s that the progressive left couldn’t give a damn about whether people are actually paying what they should be paying.

But Blair didn’t stop there:

“Hikes in health insurance rates in areas where they’ve been historically lower would also prompt fewer people to buy coverage,” Blair said

So, according to Blair, for example, if the young and healthy used to be able to get cheap health insurance because they rarely used it, and now— still hypothetically speaking, of course—a new law artificially increased those rates, should we be expecting more or less of these young and healthy to sign up?

Correct us if we’re wrong, PeakNation™, but what we’re hearing from Blair is that subsidizing health care is fine as long as it’s done for the elderly, but if rural Colorado wants in on the same deal, which would result in higher health care costs for the Denver Metro area, then, that’s when artificial ceilings on prices and subsidies are bad?

And, liberals are still claiming they aren’t waging a war on rural Colorado?