Further analysis of the Quinnipiac Poll released today shows that liberal Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has lost Colorado’s independents – 51% of independents don’t think Hick deserves reelection to just 41% who do.  Further, in every head-to-head to match-up between Hickenlooper and a possible Republican challenger, Colorado independents favor the Republican every time.  Here’s a handy guide to how Hick fares against the Republican candidates among independents:

Hick vs. Tancredo (37-46)

Hick vs. Gessler (40-42)

Hick vs. Brophy (37-40)

Hick vs. Kopp (38-42)

In a state that divides itself in thirds— a third Democrat, a third Republican, and a third Independent—the candidate who captures the most independents usually wins.  So, best of luck to you, Gov!

The truth is that Hick’s moderate sheen has grown dull only to expose the true liberal that he is.  In fact, 45% of independents think he’s too liberal. Then, again, maybe it’s just that independents don’t particularly care for a governor who lacks independence…from East Coast special interests, from unions, from convicted killers.  Who hasn’t Hickenlooper kowtowed to?