UPDATE: An astute reader sent us this Udall quote from a press release back in the day when he read this post, just to remind Coloradans how out of touch Udall is with reality:

“We aren’t going to create more jobs in America unless we lift the burden of escalating health insurance costs on our economy. Health insurance reform gives us a solid foundation, enabling us to expand affordable coverage to 32 million Americans, reduce the deficit and strengthen our economy while lowering the growth of health insurance costs.”

Well, that worked out well.

When we sit in our offices, we like to ponder the deeper mysteries of life, such as, if Wisconsin has more lakes than Minnesota, why isn’t Wisconsin the Land of 10,000 Lakes?  And, now, more and more every day, if Senator Mark Udall knew Obamacare was going to be such a disaster, would he still have voted for it?

Just kidding.  We don’t wonder about that last one, since we know there is no way Udall would have voted for it if he knew it’d be this bad.  …Or would he?  Can we get a reporter to ask Udall about that next time he’s on camera?

Reporter:  Knowing what you know now, would you still vote for Obamacare?

Udall:  Well, you see my schedule is what I’m running on, and the President has records we like to listen to, but only when Colorado is voting for, have you heard how I write letters to protecting privacy?

In more terrible news for the Udall-enabled Obamacare, the highly-respected, non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report yesterday that The Washington Post said “sent the White House scrambling to defend a law that has bedeviled President Obama for years.” [the Peak emphasis]

Yeesh, sounds like the type of report that would send Udall staffers to the bottle before noon— hope they don’t call any public servants!

Highlights of the report had more than two million people dropping out of the workforce specifically because of Obamacare.  The funny thing?  Obama’s poor press hound, Jay Carney, had to stand up in front of all the White House press corps and claim this was a good thing, that it really meant more freedom.  How he keeps a straight-face when uttering such nonsense, we will never know.

This two million number is doubly tragic for Udall and Obama, especially taking into account that 93% of people who have any type of job, whether it is part-time, or full-time live above the poverty line.  And, the percentage of people who live below the poverty line is reduced to just 3% if someone works in a full-time, year-round position.

A full 97% of people who work full-time are not in poverty.  Yet, Udall was the deciding vote for Obamacare which will lead to a full 2 million people dropping out of work.  You’d think if Udall really cared about helping people out of poverty he never would have voted for this bill in the first place.