We’ve got good news and bad news for Colorado state Democrats.  The good news is a new 150 megawatt wind-generating facility has an agreement to be built in eastern Colorado.  The bad news?  The people behind the new renewable energy project believe rural renewable energy mandates from Denver are saying the mandates are dumb.

The Carousel Wind Farm agreement was the result of a solicitation for renewable resources issued by Tri-State in early 2013, months before the Colorado legislature approved a new mandate…  Although the project will assist the association to meet that mandate, as well as a renewable energy standard in place in New Mexico, Tri-State believes such mandates are unnecessary and that the not-for-profit cooperative’s resource decisions should be directed by its democratically-elected board. [the Peak emphasis]

This criticism comes from the very people who are out in the fields and running these co-ops for a living.  They are also people who were pursuing renewable energy sources even before the runaway Democrat freight-train of 2013 legislative session plowed them over.  If there was anyone who would best combine the field knowledge and the desire to incorporate more renewables into their business model, it would be these guys.  And yet, even these guys think Democrat mandates from the Dome in Denver are absolutely wrong.

We’re still trying to figure out who Speaker Mark Ferrandino was talking to last year when he said they already hashed out this debate because apparently these guys weren’t invited to the discussion either.  Oddly enough, the only people who seem happy about this mandate as we keep narrowing down the list are the wealthy-masquerading-as-hippies Boulderites who consider Broomfield rural Colorado.  Well, and the voices in Ferrandino’s head: 

“We wants it.  We needs it.  Must have the Precious.”

[Any semblance between the voices in Ferrandino’s head and Gollum is purely coincidental.]