Former Mayor of New York and Hickenlooper BFF, Michael Bloomberg, is after more than just restricting guns, he wants to take them from law-abiding citizens.

Current Mayor of Poughkeepsie, NY and former member of the Bloomberg-led Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), John Tkazyik, came out with an op-ed last week that explains why he is no longer with MAIG (via The Washington Free Beacon):

I’m no longer a member of MAIG. Why? Just as Ronald Reagan said of the Democratic Party, it left me. And I’m not alone: Nearly 50 pro-Second Amendment mayors have left the organization. They left for the same reason I did. MAIG became a vehicle for Bloomberg to promote his personal gun-control agenda…

…It did not take long to realize that MAIG’s agenda was much more than ridding felons of illegal guns; that under the guise of helping mayors facing a crime and drug epidemic, MAIG intended to promote confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens. [the Peak emphasis]

One has to wonder whether the 1,000 mayors across America, and the 11 here in Colorado (Boulder, Denver, Englewood, Golden, Lakewood, Louisville, Manitou Springs, Nederland, Northglenn, Superior, and Telluride) are aware of MAIG’s desire to confiscate guns and, if not, will they be revoking their endorsement now that they are?  (Consider this your notice, Mayor Hancock.)

But, what should concern Colorado is that Hickenlooper is the perfect political vehicle for the extremist, nanny-state agenda Bloomberg is pushing.  As a man too goofy in manner and appearance to strike the average Coloradan as anything but a commonsense moderate, Hickenlooper can hide how extremely far left his gun restriction policies are.  And as Mayor Tkazyik revealed, these laws were only supposed to be the first of many in a long slog to taking our guns out of our law-abiding hands.

The real questions: how much did Hickenlooper know of Bloomberg’s ultimate agenda?  And how far was Hickenlooper willing to push it?