Who let the J.V. play for the Left’s blogosphere? It’s either that, or the case for Senator Mark Udall’s re-election is rapidly falling apart.

PeakNation™, we know we aren’t exactly Mother Theresa here, but one of our many daily acts of beatification for you is keeping the Leftist blogosphere on its toes.  Last week, in what we can only assume was its best attempt at spinning Udall’s horrible Quinnipiac poll, one conclave of Marxism blog tried to illustrate how Udall’s numbers aren’t a bad sign because they are comparable to three other Democrat Senators around the country.  The problem?  Two of the three are constantly touted as Senate seats Republicans could easily flip come November.

Protip: When you say Udall’s numbers are comparable to embattled Senators Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Mark Begich (D-Alaska), you just failed at spinning.

To compound this mistake, the writer tried to say that since Congressional favorability ratings are at a historical low, this would naturally drag down everyone’s numbers.  There’s a reason no one in D.C. pays attention to the Congressional favorability poll – it’s because the poll should be renamed “How do you feel about everyone in Congress besides your elected official?”  As The Washington Post points out:

The seeming paradox between the low regard with which people hold Congress and the high rate of re-election of incumbents is explained well by new data released by Gallup on Thursday that points to a simple reality: People hate Congress but (generally) like their Member of Congress. [the Peak emphasis]

Here’s more proof: in 2012, the Congressional approval rating was 15%; yet, 90% of incumbents were re-elected.

What’s priceless – realizing the Leftist blogosphere has no explanation for Udall’s poor poll numbers, well, except the Senator himself.

Granted, anyone can have a bad post (we truly understand), but another incident yesterday makes us wonder if the Left isn’t enjoying the new marijuana law a little too much.  It’s true that the blog was just following a Denver Post reporter’s lead (Really DP?), but we’ll slap a “Udall in ’14” sticker on the back of our Prius just as soon as someone can tell us who the hell the “Republican Congressional Campaign Committee” is.

Leftist blogosphere, you’re drunk.  Go home.