It’s almost as if Democrats are putting their fingers in their ears and screaming “LALALALALALA – we can’t hear you” every time a bill comes up that has the word gun in it. Perhaps liberal legislators have forgotten that Coloradans are not thrilled with them.  Rep. Chris Holbert’s attempt to repeal the completely unhelpful 15-round or more mag ban was met with a big fat “no” by Democrats in the legislature.  Of course, nevermind that this bill hurts Colorado’s economy and prevents Coloradans from defending themselves.  Wait for the punchline – it actually won’t make us safer.  AND, the people who proposed this know it.

Exhibit A: Liberal Governor John Hickenlooper, per The Denver Post:

“This person, if there were no assault weapons available, if there were no this or no that, this guy’s going to find something, right? He’s going to know how to create a bomb. Who knows where his mind would have gone. Clearly a very intelligent individual however twisted.”

Exhibit B: Recalled Democratic Senate President John Morse, per CBS4:
“’How does a limit on high-capacity magazines reduce violence?’ Democratic Senate President John Morse said.  Morse said he’s not convinced fewer bullets or more background checks are the answer.”

We should all be glad that we compromised hundreds of jobs, tax revenue, and economic growth.  For nothing.

Then, last night, liberal lawmakers rejected a bill that would allow teachers to carry concealed weapons.  Apparently, Dems didn’t get the message from last week’s Quinnipiac Poll: Colorado voters actually support allowing teachers and school officials to carry guns at school – 50% to 45%.

It’s also worth noting that 84% of teachers in the United States are women, according to a National Center for Education Information study published in 2011.  So, Coloradans want this measure to keep kids safe.  It would help women defend themselves and students against those who hope to perpetrate evil acts.  Yet, Colorado Democrats say no.  This all sounds vaguely familiar….  Kind of like 2013?