Gov. John Hickenlooper likes to tout how well Coloradans have fared under his “artful” watch.  Coloradans are doing so well, in fact, that we register the highest level of food stamps in the state’s history. That’s sarcasm, folks.  Let us be clear. We don’t fault people for being on food stamps, but we want people to be so successful that they don’t need to be on public assistance.

From Complete Colorado:

According to data from the Colorado Department of Human services, the number of individuals receiving SNAP assistance has remained at over 500,000 for the last 15 consecutive months for which data is available (October 2012 to December 2013). Prior to October 2012, the number of individuals on SNAP in Colorado had never crossed the half-million mark.

We’re doing so, so “well” in Colorado, economically, that we’re actually leading all of the neighboring states in increase in food stamp enrollees through the period of 2009-2013 with a 59% increase.

Given this startling revelation, we have a quick #protip for Hick: When an elected official claims his state is doing well economically and the lowly people on the ground know better because they’re still struggling, repeating the lie doesn’t make their lives better.  It just makes politicians out of touch.  When Hick claims that Colorado was 4th in job creation in 2013, but the reality is that the state wasn’t, then Hick just looks like an idiot.

No charge for the free advice #TeamHick – but we are waiting for our ham sandwich, Max Potter.