Either Mayor Hancock is a really good friend or his staff hasn’t heard that liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall, who has seen his poll numbers creep downward, is in trouble.  Earlier this week, Hancock endorsed Udall in this video on YouTube.

The only thing Hancock has to say about Udall is that he works for the people, but cites no examples.  And, we can’t think of any either.  Here are a few choice tidbits the Mayor shares that we think he should have more information about.  You’re welcome, Mayor Hancock.

Hancock: We are not show horses, we’re work horses.

While it’s true that Coloradans are working hard (if they can find jobs, thanks to liberal policies), it’s truly difficult to claim that Mark Udall is working hard.  His greatest accomplishment in Congress was his bipartisan seating chart.  If suggesting a bipartisan seating chart qualifies one to be a U.S. Senator, where do we sign up?

Hancock: Even though people may say Mark is not a flashy Senator, we know what flashy Senators are doing to the United States Congress.

It’s pretty tough to claim that Udall isn’t a flashy Senator when he’s sending out emails about bringing Hollywood celebrities, like his friend Bob Redford (known to common folks as Robert Redford) to Colorado for fundraisers.  Also, Udall’s wife is basically Claire Underwood from “House of Cards” – a top environmental activist and operative. So, there’s that.  Udall may shop at Orvis, but he’s not exactly like you and me.

Hancock: [Udall’s] never forgotten who he represents.

That’s actually true.  But, Udall represents Obama, not Coloradans. Udall has voted 99% for initiatives that Obama has put forth.

It’s just puzzling that, after the terrible year Udall has had – between the failure of Obamacare and his attempts to coerce state officials into changing the number of insurance cancellations – Mayor Hancock would align himself with this guy.  Does anyone know why Hancock might be compelled to support Udall?  Anyone?