Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.  On second thought, stop Hickenlooper if you’ve heard this one before.  In a recent interview by Jennifer Oldham at Bloomberg, Governor John Hickenlooper played the role of a good political candidate and rattled off his talking points…whether they’re true or not.

Hickenlooper said in a wide-ranging interview, “what we’re doing is working — we were 40th in job creation and now we’re fourth.”

This is at least the fourth time a different media agency has reported on this, and still no facts to backup it up.  Every time he repeats this ridiculous talking point, the drums are getting louder and louder for him to prove it.  Even Bob Beauprez called him out on this lie in a Denver Post op-ed, and Americans for Prosperity joined the chorus demanding he justify the ridiculous claim:

Had Hick stopped pushing this unverified pile of poo after we called him out on it the first time, no one but little ol’ us would have noticed.  But, unfortunately for Hick, this isn’t the only ranking that has him tied up in knots.  Bloomberg brought up this inconvenient fact:

[Hick’s] collaborative style boosted him into a tie with Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman as the country’s most popular governor in December 2011. Two years later, he had dropped to 30th out of 45 governors, said Tom Jensen, director of the Raleigh, North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling.

“Most governors in the west are pretty popular,” Jensen said. “Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii is the only one who has worse poll numbers than Hickenlooper.” [the Peak emphasis]

Neil Abercrombie’s poll numbers?  Not good.  And, this is from the left-leaning PPP.  All-in-all, this is one comparison we can’t imagine that Hick will be touting.