Thanks to his “I-vote-with-Obama-99%-of-the-time” record, Senator Mark Udall is being included on some lists he might not like so much.  The first clip has Chuck Todd adding Colorado to an expanded map of competitive Senate seats.  This is bad on two fronts for Udall.  The obvious is that even MSNBC considers Udall vulnerable.  And, to make matters worse, with Senate Dems now trying to defend 12 seats, they’ll have to start triaging.  There’s just not enough money to go around. Watch here:

The second clip (below), in some ways, is even more damning as the Democratic Mascot himself, Chris Matthews, is looking at the map and seeing a possible 10 seats flipping against Dems.  Even the true-believers are preparing for the Democratic apocalypse, and Udall certainly hasn’t been practicing his zombie headshots.

We probably don’t need to say this, but if you’re a Democratic candidate and MSNBC is already conceding some measure of defeat, you’re in big trouble.