This past weekend, Mike Coffman hosted an open house for his volunteers and an army it brought.  On a Saturday morning, Coffman had over 200 people show up at an open house at his campaign office. Over 200? On a Saturday morning for just an open house?  Denny’s can’t even get those numbers and they actually serve breakfast.  See the photos below.

Meanwhile, liberal Andrew Romanoff kicked off his own Congressional campaign.  It must be tough to start a new campaign already $250,000 in the hole from his last campaign in which he lost to DSCC Chair Sen. Michael Bennet because he was too extreme for Democrats in Colorado.  Hopefully, this time, he won’t have to sell his house to finance his campaign.  Then again, having moved into CD6 just last year specifically to run in this race, we’re willing to bet that Romanoff is renting.

And, really, would any bank in its right mind give Romanoff a loan for a house?  We can’t think of anything more fiscally irresponsible than selling a house to finance a failing political campaign, especially with Romanoff’s history of self-inflicted campaign wounds.  Yet, he wants us to let him help with the utter disaster that the federal budget is?  Something to consider….