Why help students who need it most when you can just do your Union-masters’ bidding?  Proving once again that liberals value the campaign checks that teacher unions write for them over what is best for students, Democrats in the Colorado State House killed a bill that would have rewarded some of the best teachers in Colorado for working in some of the most challenged school districts in the state.  As Chalkbeat Colorado reports:

The proposed pilot program would have provided stipends of between $3,000 and $12,000 a year to highly-effective teachers who worked in low-performing schools. The $4 million program would have provided grants to about 100 teachers over four years…. The measure had bipartisan sponsorship. [the Peak emphasis]

If that wasn’t enough, Democratic Committee Chair Rep. Millie Hamner felt the need to make sure everyone knew she cared:

Some committee Democrats went out of their way to compliment Priola’s effort. “While I support what you’re trying to do … I just haven’t heard the compelling evidence that this is the right strategy.”

Thanks for the empty words, Rep. Hamner, we’re sure they will bring comfort to the kids stuck in failing schools with teachers who half-ass their jobs because they have a union protecting them, the same union you decided to side with today. But, thanks for playing.