Last night The Denver Post hosted a debate for the Republican Senatorial Candidates.  Here are the quotes that will have Udall’s campaign on edge, wondering if their candidate is ready for his first street-fight of a campaign:

Rep. Amy Stephens started off strong by showing how business unfriendly Udall is.

“The other thing I think that is deeply concerning to me is that Mark Udall votes 76% of the time against small business according to NFIB, The National Federation of Independent Business, they’re the voice of small business.  And, so, every small business person, which is the backbone of Colorado, this man votes 76% of the time against you.  Now that’s a travesty because I don’t know how we’re going to get ahead in Colorado with a guy who is voting 76% of the time against small business, family-owned business and entrepreneurs.”

While Sen. Owen Hill and Glenwood Springs businessman Mark Aspiri has Udall thinking twice if he wants to run on his NSA record.  Here’s what Hill had to say:

“He did make that a cornerstone and that’s the real problem because if that really was his cornerstone he needs to explain why he took votes on three separate occasions that had to do with one thing and one thing only, and that was removing 4th amendment protections, adding warrantless searches.  There were multiple different occasions where the vote wasn’t even tied to other votes.  They were specific issues and that’s what he supported.  This is the duplicity that we talk about.  This is the duplicity where you say one thing and do another.  This is what undermining politics as we see it today.  To come and say you’re going to do this and then go back to DC and when Barack Obama says ‘jump’ and he says “how high?” is exactly what’s undermining our faith in the political system.”

Aspiri pointed something out that we hadn’t thought of. Good move, buddy.  Here’s his intellectual shelf space on display:

“When the subject first came out and Edward Snowden was… revealing all of that to us one of the first things Mark Udall said [was] ‘I’ve been fighting against this.’  Now, if that’s true then that means he knew the whole time he knew what was going on.”

This point makes Udall’s votes for the NSA that much more strange.  One has to wonder what Udall would have done if there never was a Snowden.

Weld County D.A. Ken Buck shows he’s a much more polished candidate this time.  Given a chance to bash Amy Stephens over the head with her role in setting up the Colorado Health Exchanges, Buck pulled a Reagan-esque turn and refused to take the bait:

“I respectfully disagree with where Amy was coming from on that but I got to tell you something I respect Amy a lot and I respect people that have been in public service and I respect the people here that are running for office and I think it is unfortunate that the press and others have focused so much on one issue.  If you look at Amy’s career you will see the career of a person who has stood up for Republican values over and over again.”

Meanwhile Tom Janich wandered onto the stage:  “You know I haven’t kept up exactly what Udall has talked about on that…” because that wouldn’t be important to challenge him in an election or anything.  Thanks for playing.  Buy a suit next time.  It’d be nice to know you’re actually taking this seriously.

Finally gas consultant Floyd Trujillo endorsed the ‘Stache if he himself doesn’t win.  And the ‘Stache we assume was off fighting crime, Colorado’s version of Spider-man.