Perhaps you missed this week’s launch of the national propagandist, anti-fracking website  Its saccharin-sweet presentation as a mom-and-pop, “grassroots” movement is better left to the easily gullible, like The Denver Post‘s Bruce Finley, who also characterized the group as a “coalition of community [that] activists filed a ballot initiative for the November election that would reinforce local power”.  This is laughable.  Even The Colorado Independent included the group’s ties to national organizations.

ONE: Embedded among all those local-sounding groups that The Colorado Independent includes in its coalition is 350 Colorado (a chapter of Bill McKibben’s national group).  The Massachusetts-born, Harvard-educated, former staff writer at The New Yorker, McKibben, has been a global warming propagandist since 1989.  Oddly enough, the fracking his group now opposes has allowed carbon-emissions in the United States to return to 1990’s levels. (That’s an even sharper decline than our climate-fretting, carbon-regulating brethren of Europe can boast.  Long live the free-market!)

TWO: Another national wolf among the local-coalition sheep is D.C.–based Food and Water Watch.  Food and Water Watch hauled in $11.5 million from environmentalist donors last year, making the Local Control Colorado initiative proponents claims they’ll have “no financial backers” laughable.  To be fair, she did add a “yet” to that statement, as in “we’ll have them as soon as this interview is over”.

To go along with their financial backing, Food and Water Watch have stated that hydraulic fracturing is “inherently unsafe [and] can’t be made safer through government oversight or regulations.”  Don’t be mistaken, local control is not this group’s ultimate goal; its ultimate goal is the complete ban of fracking, across the entire country.

THREE: The sample ballot language on LocalCoCon matches a bill filed last Friday in the legislature.  Not included on the LocalCoCon website is that Suzanne Spiegel of Frack-Free Colorado is also listed on the bill.  Like Food and Water Watch, according to The Daily Camera, Frack-Free Colorado’s main objective is “a statewide fracking moratorium or ban on the practice.”  Sounds like local control to us.

FOUR: Frack-Free Colorado is anything but local as it was created by such groups as Yoko Ono’s Artists Against Fracking and Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo’s Water Defense.  And, before they scrubbed their website, this national-backed organization bragged of being a major player in last year’s local communities’ fracking bans.  Why scrub it?  To keep up the myth of all of this being “local.”

The scrubbing didn’t stop there, as all references to Ruffalo’s Water Defense were scrubbed from Frack-Free Colorado the day after the election.

A nationally-puppeteered “local” movement that is trying to hide its real backers sounds exactly like the type of movement real Coloradans need to be very afraid of.  Perhaps the anti-frackers were afraid of receiving the “Mayor Bloomberg treatment”.  And, they should be.