Fractivists are intent on banning fracking statewide, that much is true.  But, do these national groups have larger (and even more damaging) goals, too?  Coloradans deserve to know the truth.

One of the big organizations pushing the amendment which would wreak havoc on Colorado’s economy by placing businesses at the mercy of NIMBY hypocritical local governments is 350 Colorado.  The group’s proposal not only would allow a ban on fracking, but any type of business they didn’t like; if that isn’t rife for cronyism we don’t know what is.

As we revealed in our previous post, 350 is a national organization led by ecofanatic Bill McKibben.  As it turns out, not only is Bill McKibben anti-fracking, but he is also anti-growth.  The magazine Earth Island Journal had this quote from McKibben:

It has become fashionable in some circles to come out against economic growth. Bill McKibben, the author and climate change activist, asserts that “growth may be the one big habit we finally must break.” He adds that this is “a dark thing to say, and un-American.” Such calls for an end to growth are typically advanced in environmental debates… [the Peak emphasis]

How absurd is such a sentiment?

It has long been known developed countries are better stewards of the land than developing countries.  Just imagine how much nicer it is to jog in Colorado than in Beijing.  But this isn’t a zero-sum game.  Developed countries innovate newer and cleaner technology, which developing countries can imitate.  Example: there’s a reason you don’t see many telephone poles going up in Africa, they’ve skipped that step in technology and gone straight to cell phones.

Further, growth and innovation go hand in hand.  Human innovation is the only resource we have ever discovered that comes close to being limitless.  To cap growth is to cap innovation itself since new discoveries can only happen in a society whose basic survival needs are met.  Sorry to burst your bubble McKibben, but a community of farmers ain’t going to result in the great scientific discovery that makes clean energy economically viable (finally).

Remember Colorado, this is the guy who leads the group that say they have our best interests at heart.  The truth is that this guy is on a different planet than the rest of us.