In case you missed the Colorado Earthquake when Republican U.S. Rep Cory Gardner threw his hat into the 2014 U.S. Senate race, here’s your chance to catch up.  Today, Gardner officially announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate at Denver Lumber Company in Denver.  Below are some of his comments about his candidacy:

“Today, we begin a nine month fight for the future of our country. And don’t let anyone say otherwise – this fight is about the future, for our families, children and grandchildren. This past year the nation has watched Colorado push back against overreach and indecisive leadership. Today, we join the nation and bring Colorado into focus as we push back against Harry Reid and President Obama.

The United States that we know is fading. Amidst big government boondoggles and unaccountable bureaucracies, the people of this country find themselves working harder and harder each and every day only to see the promise of opportunity slip further and further from their reach.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Today, while surrounded by a loving family and everyday Coloradans who know we can do better, I announced my intention to run for the United States Senate and to begin the hard work of rebuilding our great nation.

Mark Udall broke his promise to the American people, to the people of Colorado, and to you. He has stood in the way of job creation by failing to get government out of the way. And failed to stand up to Harry Reid. He has voted to increase taxes, infringe on the 2nd Amendment, to cut Seniors and  Medicare Advantage.  He cut military pensions and then had the audacity to decry the very cuts he voted for.

Together we can become that great and diverse nation of a hard working people looking to make things better.  Together we will rise up. Rise up together as a people – challenged by the irrepressible American spirit and inspired by that uniquely American desire to be better than the past.

It ought to be easier to make life better. And in the 2014 election we see our opportunity and the clear choice ahead.”