It was widely speculated that former U.S. Congressman Bob Beauprez would jump into the Colorado Governor’s race, and, today, he made it official on 850KOA.  Beauprez also distributed the introduction video below along with a letter.  First the video:

In the letter, Beauprez paid his respects to the current field of Republican candidates by saying:

“Let me be clear; I have the greatest respect for the current field of Republican candidates for Governor. Each has been my friend and supporter, and I have worked with and known many of these men for a long time.”

But, then, he lit into weak liberal Governor John Hickenlooper:

Among the long list of failures from John Hickenlooper’s first three years in office is his bankruptcy of leadership.

He won’t – or can’t – make the tough decisions.

And, too often, when he does make a decision, it’s wrong for Colorado.

We cannot afford four more years of the most liberal Governor in the history of Colorado.

He has not led. I will.

For those of you who don’t know Bob Beauprez, he started his career as a dairy farmer and, then, worked as a community banker. He also was elected to Congress in 2002 in swing district CD7.  Beauprez is now the editor-in-chief of a public policy website as well as a buffalo rancher.  He has served as the Boulder County and State Party Republican Chairman.