What do you do when young people think paying higher premiums to subsidize the old and sick isn’t funny?  Well, if you’re a surrogate for Connect for Health Colorado, you throw a free comedy show.

Join us for a night of comic relief compliments of The North Colorado Health Alliance! This FREE comedy show March 7, 2014 showcases Colorado’s Premier Improv group “The Seven Oneliners”! Free food, Free drink! After the show meet with regional insurance representatives to explore what health insurance options are best for you!  [the Peak emphasis]

Did they forget to put the asterisks after that free food and free drink?

*Paid for by the hard working taxpayers of Colorado

**For as much more as you’ll be paying in premiums as a young “invincible” we could feed you steak and lobster with a champagne chaser and you’d still be getting hosed

That’s right PeakNation™, by all means go to the free cruise paid for by a time-share pitch comedy show, you paid for it.  As The Northern Colorado Business Report wrote last year:

Six Northern Colorado organizations have been offered $2.1 million in grant money to participate in the Connect Health Assistance Network, a function of the state’s health insurance exchange, called Connect for Health Colorado.

North Colorado Health Alliance, $685,700 [the Peak emphasis]

As for us, we’ll wait for the Kegs, Eggs, and Higher Premium event they’ll be offering St. Patrick’s Day after this one miserably fails.