Picture this: parents come home, the smoke alarm is blaring, something on the stove is burning, the dog is running around covered in wet blue paint like an extra for “Braveheart”, chairs are tipped over, and a box of cheerios has exploded everywhere.  Then, the kids have the audacity to claim that they don’t need a babysitter from now on.  Such are the pleas from Connect for Health Colorado’s CEO Patty Fontneau in claiming that the legislature doesn’t need the ability to audit them.

Ahem, let’s review:

  • During a disastrous rollout last fall that made President Obama and every Dem (UDALL!) who supported Obamacare look like complete fools, Fontneau decided that she should ask for a raise and bonus on top of her fat salary.
  • Connect for Health Director Ann McClure, who was hired in March of 2013, was put on administrative leave and, subsequently, fired in February of this year when it was revealed she (allegedly) defrauded home buyers in Montana while paying herself consulting fees at the same time she was head of a CHC department.  Fontneau claims McClure was vetted, but isn’t sure who CHC used for the vetting process.
  • Fontneau also claims that the Colorado entity doesn’t need any more oversight because they are already reviewed multiple times by Federal agencies including the IRS.  We’re glad folks in Washington, D.C. have the ability to keep a close eye on what is going on in Colorado.  Perhaps we should just let D.C. run our entire state?
  • Since forming a little over two years ago in Fall 2011, the CHC has spent $80 million.  Their annual budget is supposed to be $26 million.  Pro-rating their budget over this year, they should be around $60 million if they stand on budget.  Meaning they’re almost 33% over budget right now.

Reviewing all of that, it’s perfectly clear that the Colorado legislature has no reason to audit you.  Please, continue doing the fine job you guys are doing.  Really.