Until recently, Colorado Senate President Morgan Carroll (D-Trial Lawyers) was viewed as a strong friend of the environmental lobby and has been known for her willingness to carry the water of liberal special interests.  However, Carroll has been playing it cool this year after seeing her predecessor removed from office for pushing a radical agenda that included gun control and same-day voter registration.

As we’ve pointed out, the backlash from Coloradans after last summer’s recall elections could not have sent a clearer message to ruling Democrats: check yourself before you wreck yourself.  As such, Carroll has been careful to moderate her caucus and not allow any legislation that would rock the boat too much.

While compromising her principles might feel like the best political move for Carroll, it is pissing off some of her most loyal supporters.  Word from the Capitol is that earlier this week a cabal of the state’s top environmental lobbyists were in Carroll’s office telling her that Republican control of the state Senate after the election is a foregone conclusion, and if she has any hope of “getting things done”, it has to be this year.

With only a one-seat majority in the Senate, Democrats are already on defense, and it’s not about to get any easier for them.  Tempers are still flaring statewide over the Dem’s gun control laws, and down-ticket Republicans are going to get a boost from a strong top-of-the-ticket contender in Rep. Cory Gardner.

If we were in Carroll’s shoes, we would take the advice of our green friends and at least drive off the cliff together.