We’ve already discussed ad nauseam the Udall trifecta: Canceled Insurance, More Expensive Coverage, Fewer Options.  And, the Colorado Division of Insurance’s refusal to mix fruit is kind of interesting:

“When someone goes from this plan to this plan, it’s not a fair comparison,” said Vincent Plymell, spokesman for the Colorado Division of Insurance.

“We just think this isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison,” he said. “These are entirely new plans, and we need to make sure that policy- holders have a lot of options.”

This makes no sense.  Let’s imagine Obama decided tomorrow he wanted to do away with Toyota Camrys and Ford Fusions because they didn’t have the leather interior found in Audis, we suppose the CDI would refuse to compare how much more we’re paying for a car because we get to sit on hot leather during the summer now.  Is this a good time to remind Colorado that only about 23.3% of America’s population can actually physically have a baby (and that’s being generous and excluding Medicare folk)?  Good thing 100% of the population now has that included in coverage.

But here’s something no leftie can deny, and we’re sure the one part of The Denver Post article that will make Udall’s blood boil (can we use that as a renewable energy resource?) is this part:

About 335,000 small-group and individual policies in Colorado were canceled because the plans failed to meet the ACA’s coverage requirements. About 92 percent of those with canceled policies received early renewal offers, but most are good only for 2014.

Turns out that the 92% of Coloradans with a renewal option that Udall and his staff were fighting so hard for – that was just to save those folks long enough for them to reelect him.  Which is the bottom-line of that entire episode for Udall.  He wasn’t fighting for the 92% to keep their plan beyond 2014, he just didn’t want the news reporting on their cancellation until after he got reelected for another six years.  A purely naked cynical political ploy.