Ooops! We overreached!

In a poll released by Rasmussen today, Governor John Hickenlooper leads all GOP opponents, but Coloradans make it clear they’re looking for an alternative.

Of the three GOP candidates polled against Hickenlooper (Bob Beauprez’s announcement into the race happened too recently to be included), Secretary of State Scott Gesseler is closest 38% to 44%.  While former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, and state Sen. Greg Brophy are both nine points back at 37% to 46% and 33% to 42%, respectively.

As the name recognition of the GOP candidate goes up, people willing to vote for Hickenlooper goes down.  Colorado is shopping, and if they find a candidate they like, Hick is gone.

What should be most disconcerting for Hickenlooper is that even against a well-known, seen-to-be polarizing figure like Tancredo, Hick still can’t get higher than 46% of the vote.  In other words, Hick is hitting his head against a 46% ceiling.

Yet, with low name ID candidates like Gessler and Brophy (72% and 61%, respectively), Hick’s reelect numbers drop as low as 42.

This places the ball squarely in the GOP’s court.  The opening is there to put forth a dynamic candidate that can show Colorado he’s ready to lead.  Much like Udall, Colorado shows it’s not in love with the job Hickenlooper has done; it is now time for Republicans to show them a better alternative.