You may have missed the snoozefest that Senator Mark Udall and Democrats staged on Tuesday night.  Taking a page from Republican U.S. Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, Democrats took to the Senate floor to, get this, make sure global warming was getting the attention it needed.  Apparently, the Dems don’t think there is enough coverage of the issue until it penetrates the sports page.  Oh wait.

What el$e could cau$e Democrat$ to forgo $leep and rally the troop$?

Paul and Cruz are in the minority in the Senate, and thus, one of the few tools they have to bring attention to issues they believe are urgent is to talk until they can talk no more.  Yet, Democrats in the majority (for now…) could introduce all sorts of bills on global warming if they really wanted to bring attention to the issue.  But, this whole stunt was never about bringing attention to global warming, as The Washington Post points out:

Then there’s the billionaire businessman Thomas Steyer. He’s quickly emerged as a new and much-needed source of campaign money for Democrats…

…This year, Steyer plans to go much farther by using his advocacy group, NextGen Political Action, to spend about $100 million to help Democratic congressional candidates. [the Peak emphasis]

And what does Steyer care about?  Climate change.  Here’s what Udall had to say on the floor:

“Also very pleased to join all of my colleagues here tonight to talk about one of the most pressing challenges confronting our nation and my state of Colorado, and that is climate change.”

This just shows how out of touch with Colorado Monsieur Udall is.  The Quinnipiac Poll done just last month has just 2% of Colorado believing the environment is the most pressing issue this upcoming election.

You may remember last month Udall flew out to California just to hang out with Steyer at his house with some fellow Democrats.

Now Udall is staying up late to give speeches on behalf of his new master friend.  Think someone should tell Udall, Coloradans don’t take kindly to billionaire friends trying to mess with our politics?