Ever since Tuesday’s big upset in Florida’s CD13, politicians who used to give Obamacare wet sloppy kisses have started ducking into dark alcoves each time the “O word” is uttered.  We’re coining it The Florida Effect and its first victim is none other than liberal CD6 candidate Andrew Romanoff.  Here’s the audio from today’s Rotary Club of Denver Southeast meeting at which Romanoff was the featured speaker.

Romanoff side-stepped the question – would you have voted for Obamacare if you had been in office at the time – three times before finally admitting that he “would have preferred” ObamaCare over the healthcare system at the time.  Whoa.  That’s a little different than his answer even last month. Shall we revisit?

Last month, Romanoff told uber-liberal radio host Ed Schultz: “Yeah, I supported [Obamacare].  I think it’s better than the status quo.” [the Peak emphasis].  Then, there was this amazing piece of nonsense from Romanoff’s primary in 2010, courtesy of The Denver Post:

Andrew Romanoff and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet are vying for support of ardent Democrats who will vote by Tuesday. Romanoff doesn’t just say Bennet “surrendered” on a public health-insurance option, he goes one better and says the U.S. should have a universal, single-payer government plan.

It looks like Romanoff and Coffman now are in a race to the middle.  Not surprisingly, Coffman, so fond of physical fitness (we’re talking about push-ups) is lapping Romanoff in this race, too.  Just today, super liberal U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gave Coffman a virtual high-five on Twitter.  Keep trying, Andrew, maybe someday you’ll make it to the centerish.  Nah, we’re just kidding.  He’s proclaimed himself way too far left over and over again to ever reach the center.  He can run, but he cannot hide from his deep, deep blue liberal agenda.