This morning, Colorado state Treasurer Walker Stapleton appeared on Fox News Channel’s Cavuto armed with a tongue twister to fight for the average worker in Colorado as a gas tax is considered.

An excerpt:

…We’re literally picking pockets to plug potholes. And, whose pockets are we picking? We’re picking the pockets of the everyday worker that’s trying to get to work, to feed a family. This is absolutely ridiculous. You and I both know this is not just about potholes….  This is a result of states not being able to pay their bills.  It’s a result of out-of-control Medicaid costs.  The Pew Center says Medicaid costs are going up by 80% over the next eight years alone. It’s a result of the out of control retirement costs. And, it’s a manifestation of the fact that states are going to have to start charging the little guy for basic infrastructure needs like potholes. And, this is a sorry state of affairs to be in.