Don Quick, the Democrat who is running for Colorado’s Attorney General because he has nothing else to do, might be surprised who now is at odds with him.  Insanity seized Quick back in February when he came up with the bright idea that the head prosecutor in Colorado should no longer enforce laws they don’t like.  If elected we also hope he also brings back togas, feeding people to lions, and sneering; by that we mean, if ruling by fiat is your thing, don’t half-a$$ it.

But, what will Quick do now that Governor John Hickenlooper has given his support to Attorney General John Suthers defense of Colorado’s ban on gay marriage?  As reported by Colorado Public Radio this week:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said Monday that he supports Attorney General John Suthers’ decision to defend the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Hickenlooper went on to say in the interview:

John Suthers is one of the most principled public officials I have ever worked with… He’s got a great team of lawyers working with him and I think they do an excellent job representing the state.  I’m not going to second guess his decisions on something like that.” [the Peak emphasis]

At which point Quick turns to look at Hick and utters: Et Tu Brute? [Scene]

Of course, the cynical part of our damaged psyche wonders if this is just Hick desperately trying to peel off his liberal label.  Hick can run and try to hide, but the 2013 year happened.