We can write about why conservative policies are good for the economy and boost job growth until we’re blue in the face, but nothing feels better than a real-life example that allows us to say: We told you so.

This week, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that Douglas and Weld counties, Republican strongholds in Colorado, are national leaders for job growth.  That’s right, national.  Employment in Douglas County grew by 5.9 percent last year, while Weld County saw a healthy 5 percent growth in jobs.  Douglas County has such a friendly business environment that it’s been successful in attracting Fortune 500 corporations to locate their national headquarters there, such as CH2M Hill and DISH Network.  Weld County can directly attribute its growth to a booming energy sector that accounts for 92,100 jobs.

The report compared 334 counties in the United States that have 75,000 or more jobs.  While several other Colorado counties made the list, Douglas and Weld far outpaced them.  We also found it interesting that Douglas and Weld both ranked so high yet credit their respective success to very different industries and very different types of jobs.  This diversity underscores the fact that government policies should promote job growth in all industries and not discriminate against jobs that political leaders don’t think are good enough. We’re looking at you, President Barack Obama and Senate President Morgan Carroll.

We have watched the left do its damnedest to demonize big corporations and oil and gas companies, while simultaneously creating policies that promote big government and subsidize the fledgling questionably viable solar industry.  This is the wrong approach and only serves to hurt the hard working men and women who just want to earn an honest living.  Just a little something for Colorado Democrats to consider the next time they want to be taken seriously when it comes to the issue of jobs.