Bipartisan local politicians are coming together united in their cause to keep out-of-state, extreme agendas from taking over Colorado.  Then, again, PeakNation™ we always knew that fractivists were so far left only crazies could agree with them.  As The Daily Caller reports:

Major Democratic and Republican politicians, including two former governors, have joined a group opposed to a ballot measure that would allow Colorado communities to ban fracking.

Former Colorado governors Roy Romer, a Democrat, and Bill Owens, a Republican, have joined Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development as chairmen of its newly formed advisory committee. Former Republican Sen. Hank Brown and former Democratic speaker of the state House Rep. Terrance Carroll will also chair the advisory committee. [the Peak emphasis]

We know U.S. Rep. Jared Polis has millions to waste on jackass causes (Hee-Haw!), and Democrats have proven they don’t care if they flush millions of dollars down the drain (your money or even theirs).  But, after a while, you’d figure every now and then they’d spend it on a good cause.  Now, we’re not saying shipping our dollars to outofstate consultants isn’t a good cause.  Actually, no, that’s exactly what we’re saying.  Those people look at Colorado as nothing more than a battleground to fight their extremist ideological battles.  They don’t care whether our economy suffers, whether the average Coloradan can feed his or her family, whether we truly believe in pursuing an all-of-the-above energy strategy and not just in giving lip service to it.

How absurd are the eco-fanatics?  They saw how well the term “dirty coal” worked and decided they start trying to apply it to natural gas:

Instead of turning directly to dirty gas-fired power… That means that dirty gas-fired power is… [the Peak emphasis]

The problem is that our expanded use of natural gas has actually reduced our carbon emissions back to mid-90’s levels.  The other problem is that dirty coal actual fit well in people’s minds; they could easily imagine a piece of coal in their hand and their hands getting all dirty from it. It’s like describing a cheese-burger as fattening.  Trying to stick dirty on natural gas is like warning the public about that fattening celery, it just ain’t going to stick.

Then again, we’re not quite sure any of them are rational enough to understand that.