Stop the presses PeakNation™, fractivists have a new strong ally!  In a new story by, wait for it, The Voice of Russia some local Coloradans get a chance to create propaganda for Mother Russia.  Normally, such absurdities would be allowed to whither on the vine, but when the study used as propaganda by The Voice of Russia is the same study cited during last week’s testimony for more fracking research, the absurdity of fractivists becomes that much more apparent.

At the end of January, there was a kerfuffle when a study done by Lisa McKenzie stated there was link between proximity to fracking wells and health issues.  The trumpeting of eco-fanatics everywhere quickly quieted when the head of the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment went to the extraordinary measure of publicly distancing the CDPHE from the results.

Since then, it has only become a propaganda tool for those who care less about facts and more about preventing good jobs and a pretty clean energy resource from development.  Al Jazeera tried to run with the story as soon as it came out.  We can’t imagine that has anything to do with countries in the Middle East being more addicted to the money they bring in from exporting oil than Albuquerque being addicted to blue meth.  And, certainly, Russia’s own interest in stifling our natural gas industry has more to do with Putin’s concern for each and every Coloradan, rather than the fact that Russia has Europe by the cojones as long as Europe is addicted to Russian natural gas.

Putin:  I will take Crimea now

Europe:  Whoa, whoa, whoa there, you can’t think we’ll just let you take land from another country.

(Putin places hand on natural gas spigot to the rest of Europe.)

Europe:  Would you like the rest of Ukraine as well?  We’ll toss in France too. Nobody likes them anyway.

But, hey, if the super power that fracktivists want to align themselves with is not the United States, but Russia, who are we to argue?