This week’s Long Bill Narrative contains some striking news about Medicaid in Colorado.

  • More than one Million Coloradans will be on Medicaid (of 5.5 Million residents)
  • 9.5% of those 65 & up* will get Medicaid in 2015.
  • 19.7% of those under 65 will get Medicaid in 2015

Looking back in time:

  • Both categories of recipients were stable in numbers from 2006 through 2008.
  • From 2009 through 2013, elderly recipient growth averaged under 1,000 people per year.
  • In those same years, non-elderly recipient growth averaged a bit more than 56,000 annually.
  • With 2014, growth of recipients ballooned in both groups. Up almost 150,000 annually for non-elderly, up almost 14,000 for elderly.

In the ten years (’06 to ’15) while Colorado’s non-elderly population will have grown 11%, Medicaid recipients of these ages will have ballooned 157%.

By any measure this is a radical increase … with a substantial chunk who are neither kids nor elderly.


* Most seniors have Medicare. Seniors who also get Medicaid are usually both poor and suffer serious medical conditions.

Sources: In addition to this year’s Long Bill narrative, I consulted Appropriations Reports beginning with 2009-2010 and the State Demographer’s website.