After last year’s disastrous legislative session in which the left’s extreme legislation cost Colorado jobs, you’d think that the left would ease off the ridicule of Colorado companies.  Nope.

In trying to peg U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner as a flip flopper, the left doctored a photo of Gardner with…flip flops.  How original.  Maybe, next time, the left will try to attract millennials using keg stands.  Oh.  Wait.  Anyway, as it turns out, the photo that the left used didn’t actually contain flip flops, but was a fun photo of Gardner promoting Colorado company, OtterBox.

Perhaps the Left should refrain from using local companies that provide, ahem, local jobs in an attempt to vilify a Colorado candidate that’s actually doing what he’s supposed to be doing by helping a Colorado company thrive.  The left’s poor behavior just reminds Coloradans how abysmally bad Dems are on small business issues.