Governor John Hickenlooper is probably having a bad case of the Mondays right about now as he faces an onslaught of legal questions about his policy decisions and personal conduct.

The Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) is holding a formal hearing this morning over a complaint that Hickenlooper violated the state’s ethics law by allowing the Democratic Governors Association to pay for a conference he attended in Aspen.  Also happening today are opening arguments in a lawsuit brought by Colorado sheriffs over legislation Hickenlooper signed that greatly restricts the 2nd Amendment rights of Colorado citizens.

Simply put, this is not the kind of attention that a vulnerable Governor running for re-election needs right about now.  Hickenlooper’s press team is no doubt trying to brainstorm some quirky antics in an attempt to “change the conversation.”   As such, here are the top 3 stunts we predict you’re most likely to see from Hickenlooper in the coming days:

  1. Jumping out of a plane in an effort to get more people to sign up for Obamacare.
  2. Showering with his clothes on in order to start a conversation about bullying.
  3. Instead of his usual suit without a tie look, Hickenlooper will begin donning goofy Christmas sweaters in the middle of spring, and the liberal media will go wild.

What say you PeakNation™: which aw-shucks tactic will Hickenlooper resort to in his attempt to win back the love of the voters after a day of bruising headlines?