On the same day that U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner called on liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall to disavow fracking ban initiatives across the state, the Organizing for America (formerly Obama for America) crew unleashed a wimper of enviro “protesters” at Gardner’s office.  According to a nonsense Greeley Tribune article, the protesters wanted “…to show Gardner the importance of new climate change research.”

OK, sure.

The timing may be a coincidence, but it comes at a time when embattled U.S. Sen. Mark Udall is desperately trying to transform himself into a so-called champion of Colorado’s natural gas industry and claims to be undecided on Keystone XL.  If Udall is truly undecided, he could probably use some education on this new-fangled climate change research, don’t you think?  But, it’s funny that “protesters” would only show up at Gardner’s office, not Udall’s office.

If these treehuggers really cared about the environment, they’d be camped outside of allegedly-squishy Udall’s office.  But, that’s not what this call to action is really about.  First and foremost, the environmentalists wouldn’t dare protest at Udall’s office because it would damage Udall’s already shaky Senate bid.  But, perhaps more importantly, this rallying point for the greenies is just that – an attempt to organize and solidify the OFA base in a year in which turnout has the potential to be lackluster.

If the  environmental movement Democrats want to kill jobs in Colorado by pushing for fracking bans across the state, let them.  But, until Udall distances himself from the fracking bans and/or until OFA starts protesting outside of Udall’s office, we’re not buying his new-found love of natural gas.