PeakNation™, we rarely feel the need to venture beyond the borders of Colorado (who doesn’t like snow days in April?), but nothing happens in a vacuum and two recent stories from other states will affect liberal Senator Mark Udall’s race here in Colorado.

First, this story from Iowa in which Democrats had thought they’d put a strong candidate forward, only to have said candidate say at a Texas trial-lawyer fundraiser that lawyers are better than farmers.  Um, what?!  Dude, you know you’re running for a Senate seat that represents IOWA?

Then just this week a new poll from Minnesota, shows 40% of Minnesotans (what up Allison! Wait, are you registered to vote in DC?) don’t believe that Senator Al Franklin deserves to be reelected.

If Republicans are able to expand the map even further to these two seats—which once looked both reliably Democratic—that means Democrat resources will be stretched just that much further.  Money that could have been spent here in Colorado trying to convince the average Coloradan that Udall isn’t as liberal as his Senate voting record over the past six years says he is (votes 99% of the time with O), will now have to be spent on candidates who are in stronger positions in Iowa and Minnesota.

Then again, as it often does in sports, once inevitable defeat sets in, the route is on as the losing side loses the will to fight.  We wonder how many big Democrat donors have already turned their focus to the next election in 2016?