With the news breaking yesterday that Digital First Media was shelving its project that would “save” newspapers, many of the papers that Digital First Media owns were left in limbo; among them our very own Denver Post.  This turn of events has started the rumor mill, and we turn to The Colorado Springs Business Journal for the best of them:

Will the Post find a billionaire angel investor ? Moguls local and national have acquired the Boston Globe (John Henry), the Washington Post (Jeff Bezos) and the Colorado Springs Gazette (Phil Anschutz). [the Peak emphasis]

That’s the true question on everyone’s mind, and, as The Denver Post is really the only choice of paper for those in the metro Denver area (and in turn, the majority of Colorado’s population), ownership of it bequeaths the buyer a large megaphone to speak to all of Colorado.  No longer is there a Rocky Mountain News (pause for a brief moment of silence in remembrance) for people to pick up if they find the reporting at The Post slanted too far to the left one way or another.

Editorially, The Post leans leftward, supporting action on climate change, gun control and environmental protection. Yet it rarely strays into the farther shores of liberalism and regularly runs conservative columnists such as Vincent Carroll and Mike Rosen.

HA!  That’s like saying CU is now a moderate campus because they have a conservative chair.  There’s a reason you can name the conservative voices at The Post off the top of your head.

But, it becomes quite interesting should The Post slant rightward. Where would liberals turn to get their talking points printed?  Conservatives have long been on the outside looking in when it comes to the MSM; we’ve learned how to work around such hindrances, but liberals…?

Then, again, it could go the other way:

If an Anchutz takeover seemed likely, it’s possible that more liberal moguls such as Congressman Jared Polis or philanthropist (and major Democratic donor) Pat Stryker might be interested in bidding, if only to preserve the paper as the voice of moderate Colorado. [the Peak emphasis]

Moderate voice of Colorado?  (Hang on, we’re still laughing at the idea that two of the four Blueprint stars would be furthering anything “moderate”.)  Like we said, we conservatives are used to MSM BS.  So if the latter happened, it’s business as usual.  But for now, we here at the Peak will amuse ourselves with thoughts of the left blogospheres howls of despairs when we start reporting for The Post.