It’s hard to forget about the 2011 scandal linking Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to the Denver Players prostitution ring.  That Denver Post interview where he uncomfortably loosens his collar when trying to answer tough questions about his involvement is a classic!

You’d think after suffering through that embarrassment, Hancock would avoid doing anything to give the impression he was reverting back to his old ways.  That’s why we were so surprised to learn that he’s planning a trade mission next week that stops in Amsterdam.  As reported by the Denver Business Journal, while in Amsterdam, officials will “focus on learning about aviation and airport development as well as the cities’ marijuana regulatory framework.”

C’mon, Mr. Mayor.  Let’s try some honesty for a change.  We’re well aware that Amsterdam is know for the Red Light District, so you don’t have to pretend like it’s the airport you’re interested in.

Look, we get it.  It’s probably a lot harder as Mayor to get your freak on.  Just do us one favor, okay?  Try not to make so many amateur mistakes this time, like giving them your real name and phone number.  In fact, if you could just avoid letting anyone you meet at a peep show know you’re from Denver, we’d all really appreciate it.