Over the last 18 months, Democrats in Colorado and across the country have renewed their assault on the 2nd Amendment.  They trot out statistics about gun violence and pass legislation under the guise of making us “safer,” but the truth is that they’re slowly trying to whittle away at our constitutional rights. 

Mark our words – the next assault will be on hand guns.  That is why we wanted to take a moment to highlight a recent case of self-defense with a deadly weapon gone right.  A homeowner in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood of Denver came home to find someone burglarizing his house.  When the intruder went after the homeowner, he shot back in self-defense.

There was a full investigation, which found the homeowner acted legally.  No charges are being filed.  This act of self-defense took place in the 1600 block of Yates St., which is notably located in Rep. Dan Pabon’s district.  Based on voter registration, it is the third most Democratic statehouse district in the entire state.

With Pabon rumored to be House Speaker Mark Ferrandino’s successor, we hope he’s paying very close attention to this case.  People all over Colorado, not just in rural counties or conservative strongholds, believe in the right to bear arms.  Who knows what would or could have happened if this man wasn’t armed and prepared to defend himself.

The system worked, and Pabon needs take heed of what’s happening in his own backyard before trying to spearhead another assault on his constituents’ rights.