Earlier this year, former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar came out in favor of fracking.  Now, the current Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has said fracking can be done safely.  Jewell who was appearing before a Congressional committee had this to say (via The Colorado Observer):

It absolutely can be done and has been done safely and responsibly,” Jewell said.

A former engineer at Mobil Corp., Jewell prefaced her comment by underlining her experience with the process of hydraulic fracturing.

“I may be one of the few secretaries of the Interior that has actually fracked wells before. I do understand the science behind this,” Jewell said. [the Peak emphasis]

The facts are not with fractivists.  It is only a matter of time before the average Coloradan starts to associate their science-denying ways with those of truthers and birthers.  Your new home fractivists?  The fringe.  Enjoy!