With the Rockies season opening last week and baseball getting into full swing, Americans for Prosperity cleverly seized the opportunity to hit a home run against incumbent liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall.  At the Rockies’ home opener last Friday, AFP activists passed out baseballs imprinted with, “Tell Sen. Mark Udall that Obamacare is striking out”.  See pictures below.

AFP Colorado executive director Dustin Zvonek had this to say about Udall:

“If Mark Udall pitched baseballs like he pitched healthcare, he’s have washed out of the minor leagues long ago for not being able to throw straight.  Not only did the senator throw Coloradans a wild pitch, by lying to them about the health law, but he’s been Team Obama’s most valuable player for years, backing a host of policies that haven’t served this state or nation well. And we at AFP plan to hold him accountable”.

Not only did AFP activists pass out baseballs, but AFP paid to have a plane circling with a similar message.  Three cheers for creativity.