When the Colorado State House debated a bill to conduct a study on fracking, Republican Rep. Lois Landgraf asked the bill’s sponsor Democrat Rep. Joann Ginal whether the study would be scientific or political.  Rep. Ginal, a scientist herself, offered a, ahem, revealing answer and Revealing Politics was there to catch it on camera:

From the video:

Landgraf: “The bill’s sponsor has said that this is not biased, yet on lines 9 and 10 on page 5, we’re having four people out of six from one party and two people out of six from the minority party. And, if that does not speak to bias, I’m not sure what does.”

Landgraf (later): “I’d still like an answer to why this is, in my opinion, very political.”

Ginal: “Yeah, it’s political.  I mean it… the Governor is you know… choosing some people… but what we’re trying to do as far as the majority and minority is let everyone have a chance at choosing someone.”

Ooops, we bet she wishes she could take that all back.