It was disheartening to see yesterday’s circular firing squad when members of the House GOP caucus tried to depose the Minority Whip.  Hopefully, Republicans can all agree, it’s a heckuva a lot harder to beat Democrats when you’re trying to eat your own.

We don’t want to take sides here.  There is clearly a lot of pent up frustration and caucus dynamics at play.  As Rep. Frank McNulty put it: “This is about personalities.”  Look, everybody doesn’t have to like each other and everybody doesn’t have to get along, but Republicans have to work together.  It’s an election year for crying out loud.

The state assembly is kicking off today, and the media is already salivating over the chance to write about bitter Republican primaries that could ensue in the Gov’s race, the AG’s race and the 4th CD to name a few.  Don’t give the media any more bites at the apple when it comes to stories about Republican infighting.

Republicans win when they work together.  Just look at how successful the gun recalls were when every faction of the party was united.  This is about winning, and it’s crunch time.  All energy needs to be channeled into beating Democrats.  When it comes to fellow GOPers, keep it behind closed doors.