We knew liberal Governor John Hickenlooper didn’t know how to lead, but when did he turn into such a whiny child?

Fighting an ethics complaint against him, that receiving over $13,000 in hotel rooms and waived fees from the Democratic Governors Association does not qualify as a “gift”— which, in light of the DGA raising over more than $5.5 million in donations from event attendees makes us concur with Hick on this point; it’s not a gift, more of a commission—Hickenlooper resorts to the ol’ legal concept of, “but Mom, other people are doing it!”

In an interview with 850KOA-AM (as reported by The Colorado Observer) Hick says all the other governor’s did it, so why can’t he:

“My gosh—I mean, Gov. [Bill] Owens did this for the Republican Governors Association, Gov. [Bill] Ritter did it for the Democratic Governors Association…”

My gosh indeed!  The first issue here is that Gov. Owens wasn’t governor under Amendment 41.  But, really, the clear rebuttal here comes from the infamous court case Little Billy v. No Dessert Until You Eat Your Vegetables:

“And if everyone else was jumping off a cliff, would you also?”

At which point Hick stomped his feet really hard on the steps as he was sent to his room for a timeout.

Hissy fit aside, it’s becoming clearer day by day Hickenlooper and his posse are not what they seem.  For a man who wants to portray himself as Colorado’s version of Mr. Smith goes to Denver, the fact that he’s given max donors politically-appointed jobs that make over $200K a year, or that his right-hand man is plotting with the EPA on how to hurt rural Coloradans (while trying to hide any Hick involvement in it), to his chief-of-staff not even receiving or sending a single email over a few day period, has got to have everyone wondering: what the hell is Hickenlooper hiding behind all those kegs?

For a man who has nothing to hide, Hick and his people sure aren’t very transparent.