We wanted to take a quick moment to close the loop on the equal pay resolution in the state Senate last week.  When we left off on Thursday, Minority Leader Bill Cadman was attempting to tack on an amendment to the resolution that included Sen. Mark Udall and President Obama, both of whom pay their female staffers less than their male staffers.  Democrats laid the bill over until Friday hoping the frenzy of state assemblies would distract everyone from the fact that it had turned into an embarrassing episode for them.

Cadman’s amendment was ultimately killed, and it’s no wonder why.  At the end of the day, Democrats in the state legislature have more fealty to their party leadership than their own principles.  Udall was put on his heels when the media began questioning why he was advocating for a policy he didn’t personally adhere to when it came to his own staff.   The Senate’s resolution and Cadman’s amendment only served to further highlight Udall’s misogyny.

Heck, it wouldn’t surprise us if Udall’s staff made one of their infamous “hostile” phone calls to Majority Leader Morgan Carroll in an effort to persuade her to brush Cadman’s amendment under the rug.