A recent Bloomberg article revealed an interesting fact about some of the fractivists in Colorado trying to push a so-called local control measure that would stunt the growth of any business in Colorado localities – either they don’t understand what they’re pushing or are willfully misleading Coloradans.

“I’m not anti-fracking, I’m pro-health,” said Kelly Giddens, a Fort Collins resident and a proponent of a local-control measure. “We aren’t telling the communities they have to regulate oil and gas more than the state does,” she added. “It’s strictly about giving them the constitutional protections, as a community, to be able to regulate oil and gas as they see fit.”

Not anti-fracking? As you know, Local Control Colorado tried the same thing a few weeks back, and got busted by Michael Sandoval at Complete Colorado, who published a recording of another Local Control Colorado activist coordinating with national “ban fracking” groups and confirming that the statewide “local control” measure is absolutely about banning fracking:

“Those of us who are working to ban fracking will be excited to hear that under the name of Local Control Colorado, a coalition of grassroots groups has moved forward to create a statewide ballot measure.”

So guys, which is it?  Are you trying to ban fracking statewide or are your activists lying to the media?  Just asking.