Republican state House Rep. Ray Scott was a sponsor on a bill that will modernize a tax exemption for low-emissions trucks.  The gist?  HB14-1326 will promote the use of clean and energy-efficient trucks by offering a tax credit for their purchase.

Why does this bill matter?  Supporting the demand for natural gas-powered vehicles will only bolster Colorado’s economy.  According to the Independent Petroleum Association of America, Colorado ranked 7th nationally both in natural gas production and the number of natural gas wells drilled in 2010.  An increase in demand for natural gas production will only lead to more jobs in Colorado. Further, transitioning from a reliance on traditional gasoline to natural gas will strengthen our country’s energy security.  Translation: the United States depends on itself, not potentially (and actually) hostile countries.

Additionally, it’s better for the environment.  And, you thought we didn’t care.

The bill passed this week in the House on third reading 48-15.  It takes leadership to sponsor a bill when you know members of your own party may not support it, so kudos to Scott for seeing the larger picture and supporting Colorado’s economy.