Considering how hard Sen. Mark Udall tries to portray himself as a “man of the people” he’s really off to an abysmal start, and The Greeley Tribune is calling him out on it. 

Udall recently stopped in Greely but only made time for a “private political event,” AKA a fundraiser.  He didn’t spend any time actually courting local voters, visiting with local businesses or learning about local issues.  Of course, Udall’s inattention is only further highlighted by the fact that Gov. John Hickenlooper recently showed Greeley some love.  During his visit, Hickenlooper spoke to a crowd of 200 and actually took time to answer questions.

Sadly, Udall’s attitude toward Greeley doesn’t surprise us.  He’s never cared much for anything east of I-25.  But as the Tribune rightly points out, Weld County is an important part of the state, and those voters deserve face time with those who want their vote.  If Udall thinks he can win over Greeley and Weld County by answering a few softball questions from a local reporter, then his strategy is severely flawed. 

Maybe Udall was just afraid that if he actually talked to voters in Weld County they’d want to know why he hasn’t opposed a statewide fracking ban that would kill local jobs and cripple the local economy?  As we’ve mentioned in this space before, Weld County can directly attribute its success to a booming energy sector that accounts for 92,100 jobs.  Udall should be visiting Weld County often and thanking them profusely for driving growth.