In one of the classiest moves thus far this election cycle, Republican candidate Dave Pigott exited the state House District 33 race and backed his Republican primary opponent, Marijo Tinlin.  Here’s a snippet from his press release announcing his withdrawal:

I do not believe, however, that either one of us can win in November if we spend the next three months campaigning against each other and dividing the party between two strong, conservative candidates.  I believe that we must unite behind one candidate now.

I am not so bold as to think that I am the only candidate who can win in November nor is my ego so big as to place my campaign over the best interests of my team or the values for which we fight.  Our community, our state, our nation, and our ideas to make them better must remain paramount.

And Tinlin’s response:

I am humbled by Dave’s exit from the race, and somewhat shocked.  Dave has an amazing story, background and experience and he was a great candidate in 2012.   Dave has been nothing but gracious during this campaign thus far and I am excited to have him supporting me.  I look forward to the wonderful things he will do in the future.  Now all the focus is on defeating Dianne Primavera in November.

And, that, folks, is how to exit a primary – on a positive note, unifying the party.  Congratulations to Tinlin and thanks to Pigott for his selflessness.  Tinlin, who showed a strong campaign at her assembly by garnering 55% of the vote, next will square off against incumbent Democratic Rep. Dianne Primavera in November.  UPDATE: House District 33 includes parts of Broomfield, Superior, and Erie.